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Cast-iron tubbing for mine shafts

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Public Joint Stock Company “DNEPROTYAZHMASH” (DZMO until 1990) is one of the leading heavy engineering enterprises, with its history starting in 1914. Since 2001 PJSC “DNEPROTYAZHMASH” forms a great part in “Dneprotechservice” scientific production group.


Our enterprise is a leading supplier of technological equipment for companies and plants of mining, coke-chemical, energetic industries, transporting and discharging equipment, aerospace and defense industry and cast iron tunnel and shaft lining rings. We implemented full production cycle within one enterprise from smelting and forming to machining and assembling. The Quality Assurance system used within the enterprise is certified by TÜV THÜRINGEN (Germany) ISO 9001:2008 certificate and UkrSEPRO (Ukraine). 


Cast iron tunnel/shaft lining rings manufacturing is one of the main areas of activity for PJSC “DNEPROTYAZHMASH”. It all started in 1935 since the first order for cast iron tunnel lining rings for Moscow subway tunnels. Further, the iron foundry was put into operation to enable a quantity production of lining plates


PJSC “DNEPROTYAZHMASH” lining segments sales geography comprises many of the operating subway lines of CIS countries; as well as all USSR Ministry of Defense missile launch tubes lining was manufactured and supplied by “DNEPROTYAZHMASH”.


JSC “DNEPROTYAZHMASH” completed orders for cast iron lining plates supplies for mine building purposes in Russian Federation (Alrosa, Gaiskiy GOK, Norilsk Nickel, Apatity, Rostov), Kazakhstan (Donskoy GOK), Saskatchewan, Canada (BHP Billiton’s Jansen Project) and Poland. At present the enterprise is manufacturing 7,0-120 mine shaft lining rings for Gremyachenskiy GOK.


More than 60 000 tonnes of lining plates have been manufactured and delivered for the last five years.


Our products high quality is ensured by time, awards, certificates, patents and customer response.


A special purpose-designed tunnel lining segments manufacture is organized within PJSC “DNEPROTYAZHMASH”. It includes 2 casting production bays, one fettling bay and one machining bay.


The first casting production bay is equipped with molding and casting conveyor, which enables to make more than 300 one meter height segment castings a day. The second casting production bay is equipped with ЛН-240 automated molding line for 1,5 m lining segments.


Two induction arc furnaces used as melting units, with capacity of 30 tonnes each, are capable of producing GG25 (and higher grade) cast iron, and ductile iron with spherical graphite. The second bay production capacities provide 450 one and a half meter segment castings a month.


The machining bay includes 4 special machine tool lines ensuring full machining cycle for 0,75 m, 1,0 m and 1,5 m segments. Production capacity of each line is 100 machined segments a day.


Technological equipment capacity ensures manufacturing of 7 000 tonnes of cast iron tunnel lining plates of any unit size a month.

Cast-iron tubbing for mine shafts specification_img
Cast-iron tubbing for mine shafts
Cast-iron tubbing for mine shafts
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