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DTS manufacture a wide range of products including both ground support equipment for space-launch complexes, ground servicing equipment for manufacture and testing of rocket technology and the very components of launch vehicles and satellites, as well as provide associated services on developing and testing of space-system engineering.

Ракета альтернативный текст альтернативный текст альтернативный текст

Honeycomb structures

Engineering of rocket
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DTS is a leading supplier of process equipment for the mining and metallurgical complexes, coke and energy industry, space industry, cast-iron tubing for the construction of underground and mine railways, and is the supplier of the wide nomenclature of the transport and unloading equipment. The enterprise has implemented a full technological cycle of production, combining metallurgical, welding and mechanical assembly production.


DTS offers a comprehensive range of tunnel linings and underground support structures. The tunnel lining is the wall of the tunnel. It typically consists of cast iron or precast concrete segments which form rings. Cast iron or Steel linings rings are traditionally used in the London and Moscow underground tunnels and for mine shafts all over the world. DTS is s top-tier supplier of the Cast Iron or Steel Rings (tubbing) in the World.

Тюбинги Метро Метро Метро рельсы

Cast Iron tubbing

The main material for subway tunnel lining