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As part of space-oriented area of activity the companies of Dneprotechservice Group manufacture a wide range of products including both ground support equipment for space-launch complexes, ground servicing equipment for manufacture and testing of rocket technology and the very components of launch vehicles and satellites, as well as provide associated services on developing and testing of space-system engineering.

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Honeycomb structures

Engineering of rocket
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The manufacturing plants of Dneprotechservice Group produce over 200 various item names of integral units and machines, manufacture almost 2000 various products and master the production of up to 15 new item names of equipment annually. Rightly, all this makes SPF "Dneprotechservice" one of the leading groups of heavy engineering companies in Ukraine and in CIS region.


One of the leading areas of activity for SPF "Dneprotechservice" is underground space development, i.e. participation in implementation of transport and infrastructure projects such as construction of subway tunnels and mine shafts. Thus, machine-building enterprises of the group have capabilities of manufacturingtubbing segments for construction of subway tunnels and mine shafts, contact (third) rail and mine heapsteads.

Тюбинги Метро Метро Метро рельсы

Cast Iron tubbing

The main material for subway tunnel lining